Thank you for a Fantastic Five Year Saga…
20 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Walk down memory lane with Producer Ben Irving’s five-year anniversary blog, plus the reveal of the #SWTOR5 Character Portrait collage!

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: Official Accolades Trailer
20 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Don’t miss out on the critically-acclaimed new Expansion! Play Chapter 1 free today, recruit a friend for bonus rewards, or go premium and unlock the full experience.

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Celebrating #SWTOR5
13 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Check out exciting new 5-year anniversary rewards, including your own Celebration Jawa, Senya Holostatue and more!

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: Now Live!
02 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
How far will you go to seize the throne and rule the galaxy?

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: ‘Taking Command’ Trailer
02 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Get ready to rule the galaxy with Galactic Command! Fast-paced, explosive Uprising battles, shifting wars between the dark and light side, and more!

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If you encounter any errors while using these options, please, send a report through the contact form.

The weak-minded have ever been ready to obey those who wield greater power and ready to commit unspeakable crimes in order to obtain the power for themselves. Driven by ambitions and hatred they unleash destruction, for no other reason than for selfish gain.

Evil is in their blood. Treachery and lies are their way of life. Entire nations were enslaved and deceived into believing that they can build their dark civilizations at the expense of the others.

No sane being would negotiate with vermin and neither should we. All of them and their abominable Dark Council, must be eliminated. Their teachings must be banned, and even the memory of them banished.

Only then the Galaxy will know peace.


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